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Please call 1-844-350-2647 or visit: if your child is going to be late or absent.
A good arrival time for students is 8:30 am.  Please ONLY use the lower drop off parking lot. 

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    Stranger Danger
    by Blake Buemann - Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 8:02 AM

    Yesterday, between 2:30 and 2:50 pm, a girl was waiting in front of the school.  A man approached her and said he was there to pick her up.  The student challenged him by asking what her mom’s name was, the male wasn’t able to provide a name and said he worked with her dad and had been asked to pick her up.  The male was not able to provide her dad’s name either when asked by the student.


    The male walked away without ever touching the student or making any attempts to touch or grab her.  The male walked to an older dark burgundy Chevrolet truck with two doors and extra seats in the back.  It had a matching coloured canopy with some scratches and rust on it.  No licence plate was obtained.

    The girl then went into the school and called her mother to report what had happened.

    The male is described as: Caucasian, in his 20’s, has a lip and eyebrow piercing, he was clean shaven with dirty blond shaggy length hair.  He was wearing tighter blue jeans that rode low on his waist, a dark shirt and red flat-brimmed hat.  He also had a chain on his pants, presumably connected to his wallet.

    Police are encouraging parents and caregivers to speak to children about safety precautions, including:

    -          Being aware of surrounds and note suspicious people or vehicles and report them promptly to teachers or parents;

    -          Not approaching a vehicle if you don’t know the person inside;

    -          Not talking to strangers

    -          Walking with a friend, if possible; and

    -          Having a code word or phrase to be used if parents must send an unknown person to pick up their child.

    The staff at South Sa-Hali will be speaking to students about what students can do when approached by a stranger but we also encourage you to have a similar discussion at home.
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    Spirit Day
    by Blake Buemann - Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 1:55 PM

    Spirit Day, celebrated on October 19th, is a means of speaking out against bullying and standing with LGBTIQ2S youth. LGBTIQ2S youth disproportionately experience bullying and harassment because of their identities. Almost two thirds (64%) of LGBTIQ2S students report that they feel unsafe at school, with more than one-third experiencing of verbal harassment and one in five report experiencing physical assault (Egale, 2011).

    Pledging to "go purple" on Spirit Day is a way for everyone —teachers, parents, classmates, neighbors, and friends — to visibly show solidarity with LGBTIQ2S youth and to take part in the largest, most visible anti-bullying campaign in the world (GLAAD, 2017).

    For more information please visit:

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    October 16-20 Events
    by Blake Buemann - Friday, 13 October 2017, 3:13 PM

    Lundi le 16 octobre 

    Happy Monday

    Mardi le 17 octobre

    Tier 1 Boys Volleyball - @ Barriere (Transportation by school bus)
    Kamloops Blazer's Visit

    Mercredi le 18 octobre 

    Tier 3 Boys Volleyball - @ South Sa-Hali

    Jeudi le 19 octobre 

    Tier 1 Girls Volleyball - @ Kamloops School of the Arts (Parents Drivers)
    Tier 2 Girls Volleyball - @ South Sa-Hali
    SSES PAC Meeting - 6:30-8:30pm

    Vendredi le 20 octobre 

    School In-service Day - NO SCHOOL

    Important Upcoming Dates :

    October 25th - School Photo Retakes

    October 27th - PAC Family Dance

    November 1st - YPC Performance