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Fier d'être un aigle de South-Sahali
Proud to be a South-Sahali Eagle
Please see our 2014/2015 school schedule.
A good arrival time for students is 8h30 in our lower drop off parking lot. 
Please do not drop off your children much before 8h30.
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    September 30 NEWSLETTER
    by École South Sahali - Wednesday, 1 October 2014, 2:18 PM

    Please click HERE for our September 30th newsletter.

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    Campbells' Soup labels (and other product labels)
    by Patti Holm - Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 9:00 AM
    Campbell Soup labels (and other product labels) written by Corrie Ross, parent coordinator
    Schools can collect these labels from various Campbell products and redeem them for educational resources.
    Our school collection box for labels is outside the office, under the display case. Information from the Labels for Education web site requests the UPC code AND the full label for most items such as: Campbells' soup, Habitant soup, Chunky soup or chili.
    The UPC only is required for Goldfish crackers.
    For some single serve items, the washed lid is requested: such as Chunky bowls, Healthy Request noodles, Prego pasta sauce, Pace salsa, Ready to Eat bowls, Soup at Hand.
    V8 Vegetable Cocktail - cans ...need the can; bottles ...need the labels; boxes ... need the UPC.
    V8 Fusion and Splash ... save the lid.
    Creations Soup - please send the whole label.
    If you purchase a case, there will be a case UPC that can be submitted.
    Students may drop off these labels, lids and codes at the office. Many thanks to parent, Corrie Ross, for leading this venture. Thanks to everyone for sending in labels. Merci!
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    Family Literacy
    by Patti Holm - Thursday, 31 January 2013, 1:34 PM
    Interested in family literacy strategies? Here's a web site with ideas.


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    Bienvenue. Welcome to our library page. Click on South Sahali Library on the left hand side to access any educational links that you have been using in class.

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